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Melkon Torosyan, Esq.

The lead Attorney for Torosyan & Associates, Melkon Torosyan’s diverse professional background in business management, banking, entrepreneurship, and computer programming gives him a unique perspective in understanding clients’ needs.

Torosyan graduated from California State University, Northridge before embarking on his J.D. at the Southwestern Law School, where he graduated with  a concentration in Technology Law and Entrepreneurship.  Additionally, Torosyan is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US).

Torosyan's career has spanned several reputable establishments, including the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, ACE Lawn Firm, Internet Brands, SLC Law Group, and Total Care Medical.   His experience has taken him through:

  • Cyber Crime

  • California's Electronic Communications Privacy Act (EPAC)

  • Personal Injury Civil Litigation 

  • Auto and Work Accident Law,

  • Ownership and Copyright Law involving internet-related brands and organizations, including claims related to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

  • Contract Law

  • HIPPA-Compliant Privacy Law & Personal Health Information (PHI)

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