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Such lawsuits involve claims with complicated allegations, strict regulations and devastating injuries that often cannot reach a resolution out of court.

Businesses can encounter disputes for many reasons, including a breach of contract, a dispute among shareholders, infringement of intellectual property, and more.

Far too often, Employees are treated unfairly, discriminated against, or harassed in the workplace.  We can fight for your employment rights.


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At the Law Office of Melkon Torosyan, we fight for what you deserve.  Our team will create a customized strategy for individuals and businesses across Southern California that suits their best interests in the courtroom.   We understand the stakes involved and enable you to continually make informed decisions.


“Mr. Torosyan is a hardworking an intelligent Law School graduate who relishes difficult and complex issues.  At all times, he conducted himself with professionalism and he served our division with merit.” 

—  Marc Beaart, Assistant Head Deputy District Attoney, Los Angeles

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